Romantic Fiction

The Job Proposal

(Diversion Books, June 2014)

"If you like your romance current, sexy, and smart…read Wendy Chen!
You can thank me later.”
—Donna Kauffman, USA TODAY bestselling author

All's fair in love and work.

Kate is enjoying being engaged—that it's a hoax is beside the point. To succeed at her ultra-conservative finance job she needs to reform her flighty, party-girl reputation, and a good old fashioned marriage of convenience is exactly what she needs to put her one step closer to the promotion of her dreams. But when Adam, Kate's best friend from high school, arrives for a visit, her perfect arrangement suddenly isn't so perfect anymore.

The nerdy boy she remembers from her teen years has grown into a gorgeous and successful man, and he's vying for her affection. Soon all the things Kate thinks she wants will change, and everything she doesn't know she needs, she may not be able to live without.

But will she be able to let down the walls she’s built to guard her heart and trade her fierce independence for love?

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Liar's Guide to True Love

(Carina Press, November 2011)

"An engaging novel….Liar’s Guide to True Love has a richly drawn cast of characters."
—Book Reviews & More by Kathy
"A delightful story and fun to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and hope the author releases something again soon. She made me a fan with this delightful tale.”
—It’s Raining Books
"This book is insightful, and a wonderful read. Pure delight if you enjoy good humour and a good love story."
—Over a Cuppa Tea
"A funny and enjoyable read for wedding and romance addicts alike....The story had me flipping pages and frequently laughing out loud."
—Change the Word

Wedding planner Cassandra Hanley is in the business of making other people's dreams come true. But for some reason, whenever she meets a potential mate of her own, she finds herself telling little (and not so little) white lies. She's not trying to sabotage her relationships on purpose: as a people pleaser, she just naturally tells men what she thinks they want to hear.

When Cassandra meets Nick, she's determined to be herself this time—until she learns he abhors weddings. So she recasts herself as an advertising exec, and now she's scrambling to cover up the lie...with more lies.

Into the tangled web wanders Cassandra's college sweetheart, Kevin. Kevin, the one man who knows the real Cassandra, and loves her anyway. Could he have been The One all along?

Torn between the past and the present, Cassandra is about to learn that you can't plan the perfect life the way you can plan the perfect wedding.

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